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Rails 6 adds *_previously_was attributes method

Rails had previous_changes method to track value of object before and after save.

In Rails, new release, Aug 02, 2019

Scopes in Rails

Recently I was calling create method on an active-record model object. But it failed in validation, because the provided foreign_key_id was not present in the associated table.

In Rails, Scopes, Jul 11, 2019

String Comparison: StringInquirer

Generally we use ==/===/eql?/equal? for string comparison in Rails.It does work in all scenarios we needed. But we often tend to look how same things can be done in more clean ways or...

In Rails, Ruby, Jul 07, 2019

Squasher: Replacing old migrations

Too many migrations in application makes it painful. Sometimes they are written a long time back, that now you do not even remember. At the point you might want to replace them with s...

In Rails, Migrations, Jun 28, 2019

Modify a gem and use it in Rails

Sometimes a situation arises where we need to modify a gem according to our requirement and then successfully integrate into our project. Let’s find out!

In Rails, Gem, Jun 28, 2019

Rails Request Lifecycle...

Have you ever wondered how a request is processed in its lifecycle? What happens with request at each stage? Who handles request at what level? Let’s dig it out!

In Rails, Jun 12, 2019

How Indexes on database works!

When it comes to performance of an application, databases are highly important and effective. And one of the key factor in database optimisation is index. It helps in getting results ...

In Rails, Database, Jun 08, 2018

APIs in Rails 5.0 - overview

Have you ever wonder how APIs work in the world of convention over configuration, specifically in Rails 5.0?

In Rails, Api, Mar 23, 2018

Rails Includes vs Joins

When I started learning Rails, I was always in a state of confusion about using includes or joins,because both are used in almost same scenario. Includes uses eager loading whereas jo...

In Rails, Query, Mar 08, 2018

Why Rails? Why Ruby?

Ruby on Rails has been a prominent framework for web applications for last couple of years. But what has made it so worthy?

In Rails, Feb 28, 2018