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How Indexes on database works!

When it comes to performance of an application, databases are highly important and effective. And one of the key factor in database optimisation is index. It helps in getting results ...

In Rails, Database, Jun 08, 2018

APIs in Rails 5.0 - overview

Have you ever wonder how APIs work in the world of convention over configuration, specifically in Rails 5.0?

In Rails, Api, Mar 23, 2018

Rails Includes vs Joins

When I started learning Rails, I was always in a state of confusion about using includes or joins,because both are used in almost same scenario. Includes uses eager loading whereas jo...

In Rails, Query, Mar 08, 2018

Why Rails? Why Ruby?

Ruby on Rails has been a prominent framework for web applications for last couple of years. But what has made it so worthy?

In Rails, Feb 28, 2018