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String Comparison: StringInquirer

Swapnil Gourshete Swapnil Gourshete Follow Jul 07, 2019 · 1 min read
String Comparison: StringInquirer
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Generally we use ==/===/eql?/equal? for string comparison in Rails. It does work in all scenarios we needed. But we often tend to look how same things can be done in more clean ways or how other developers in Rails community would have done that.

str = 'x'


The best place to look for such examples, in my opinion, is Rails repository on github itself.

Let’s see how string comparison is done by Rails community inside Rails core code.

There is a class in place called StringInquirer.

Wrapping a string in this class gives you a prettier way to test for equality. The value returned by Rails.env is wrapped in a StringInquirer object, so instead of calling this:

Rails.env == 'production'

you can call this:


Instantiating a new StringInquirer

user = ActiveSupport::StringInquirer.new('admin')
user.admin?   # => true
user.admin?  # => false


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