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Useful Rails commands

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Useful Rails commands
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  • rails dbconsole

rails dbconsole figures out which database you’re using and drops you into whichever command line interface you would use with it (and figures out the command line parameters to give to it, too!). It supports MySQL (including MariaDB), PostgreSQL, and SQLite3.

INFO: You can also use the alias “db” to invoke the dbconsole: rails db.

$ rails dbconsole

  • rails runner

runner runs Ruby code in the context of Rails non-interactively. For instance:

$ rails runner "Model.long_running_method"

INFO: You can also use the alias “r” to invoke the runner: rails r.

You can specify the environment in which the runner command should operate using the -e switch.

$ rails runner -e staging "Model.long_running_method"

You can even execute ruby code written in a file with runner.

$ rails runner lib/code_to_be_run.rb

  • rails notes

rails notes searches through your code for comments beginning with a specific keyword. You can refer to rails notes --help for information about usage.

By default, it will search in app, config, db, lib, and test directories for FIXME, OPTIMIZE, and TODO annotations in files with extension .builder, .rb, .rake, .yml, .yaml, .ruby, .css, .js, and .erb.

$ rails notes
  * [ 20] [TODO] any other way to do this?
  * [132] [FIXME] high priority for next deploy

  * [ 13] [OPTIMIZE] refactor this code to make it faster
  * [ 17] [FIXME]

The app and helper objects

Inside the rails console you have access to the app and helper instances.

With the app method you can access named route helpers, as well as do requests.

 >> app.root_path
 => "/"
 >> app.get _
 Started GET "/" for at 2014-06-19 10:41:57 -0300

With the helper method it is possible to access Rails and your application’s helpers.

 >> helper.time_ago_in_words 30.days.ago
 => "about 1 month"
 >> helper.my_custom_helper
 => "my custom helper"


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