Interview Questions

  1. What is self in Ruby?
  1. What are Solid Principles?
  1. If an array is given as input. Each position describes upto how many places you can jump and after each jump previous jump options are not available. write a code to find out if it is possible to reach the end of array.
  1. Explain - ‘Everything is Object in Ruby’
  1. What is ACID principles?
  1. What design patterns you have used and explain about them?
  1. How to build system like Cricbuzz? Explain high level and low level design and choices. What database/storage system will be efficient and why?
  1. Explain include, extend and prepend.
  1. What is polymorphic association?
  1. How did you reduce API response time by ~50%?
  1. On what grounds will you choose SQL or NoSQL database.
  1. Write a code to find if given input string is a valid Parenthesis?
  1. What is Single page application? How it works?
  1. Write a code to find out combinations of integers from given int array whose sum = k
  1. write a code reverse LinkedList
  1. write a sql to find out second highest salary
  1. Given is input sorted integer array. Each element occurs twice except exactly one element. Find that one element.
  1. Explain includes and joins. When to use them?
  1. Explain index in database